Magnus is a fantastic therapist who worked several times on my injuries. Thanks to Magnus I could run my fastest Marathon and several other great races.

R Sanchez Villa

Hey Magnus, I promised to check in after the race… It was a great day and I’m pleased with my effort and time. I came in at 6:01:45, which is a personal best of two minutes. So, I’m no age group winner, but improving. The run was, for me, brilliant…I came in at 1:49 for the half-marathon. I’m really pleased with that split time.
My take-aways from this race are to keep up my rehab exercises!! I saw so many athletes in better shape than me aching and stopping due to pain during the run. To say nothing of the terrible posture of many, many competitors.
I want to thank you for everything. You have been a rock for me over the past years, teaching me so much about not only my limits, but my potential, if I just listen to my body and pre-hab rather than re-hab.

P Bruns, Triathlete

Första gången jag kom till Magnus led jag av en långvarig spänning mellan skulderbladen som jag inte lyckats bli av med trots mycket yoga och olika behandlingar. Redan efter några manipulationer kunde jag känna hur min kropp reagerade, som om någon äntligen förstod. Man känner sig lite grann som en bebis när man ligger där…och man andas lugnt medan kroppen letar efter en ny balans för att bli av med smärtan. Magnus lärde mig också att sköta om mina svaga punkter genom olika stretchningar och övningar. En effektiv och respektfull terapi som ser kroppen i sin helhet. Tack för det! Lycka till med allt,

I Carbajal

Jag har haft regelbunden kontakt med Magnus Bergström på hans praktik i Bryssel under 1,5 år. För mig har denna kontakt varit av största betydelse. Jag har dels haft ett oklart kroniskt smärttillstånd i höften i över 5 år och dels under vår behandlingskontakt haft mer akuta smärttillstånd i ländrygg och nacke. Magnus har hjälpt mig både med den kroniska smärtan och de mer akuta smärttillstånden. För höften har jag tidigare gått hos ett stort antal olika kiropraktorer, naprapater, fått laserbehandling av en massör och upprepade kortisoninjektioner av en läkare, utan någon varaktig förbättring. Tack vare Magnus som gett mig stabiliserande övningar i kombination med andningsövningar och initialt behandlingar så är jag nu bra i höften. Magnus är oerhört kunnig och har en bred repertoar i form av undersökningsmetoder, manuella behandlingar, akupunktur och träning. Sammantaget har Magnus behandlingsfilosofi gett mig mycket goda resultat och jag ger honom mina allra bästa rekommendationer!

J Josefsson

Magnus, If you’d like me to write any endorsement it would be a pleasure, since your service and your skills were 5 stars ;)

S Ciesla, Personal Trainer

Magnus is a wonderful naprapath/physio and I would recommend him highly to anyone wishing to improve their health and eliminate pain! Stockholm is very lucky to get him back as he will be missed immensely in Brussels!

S Frick, Indep Fine Art Professional

In the fall of 2013 I was diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation.
During the acute phase of my cervical hernia I was in extreme pain and considered an operation as the neurosurgeon implied that this might be a solution.
Magnus said there might be an alternative strategy. On 2 September 2013 we started working on spinal re-alignment and exercises to lessen the nerve pressure and to change certain movement and posture patterns that I had developed over the course of decades (something I learned was called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization). During the treatments Magnus is very educational, and without over promising helped me get over some of my biggest fears about my neck issues. Most importantly for me at least was that he had a very clear strategy and explained why we take this approach. His strategy worked. Within a couple of months (and speaking to several other cervical hernia patients I learned this is a very short period!) an operation was no longer needed. I cannot thank you enough Magnus for this. I know for you it’s doing the job but every week that we worked on it it was good to feel that someone was steering the process and knew what to do. Magnus has a deep passion for what he does, always on the move to gain more knowledge and insight into the bodies’ functionality. As such I highly highly recommend him!

P Schuchhard, Communications Professional, Qualified Coach / Personal Trainer

I worked with Magnus on and off for about two years. He’s a very dedicated professional who clearly cares about his patients. I felt very comfortable with Magnus and his abilities to treat my chronic back issue and always saw immediate relief after seeing him. More importantly, Magnus was focussed on long-term recovery rather than short-term pain management, looking at the body from a holistic angle rather than isolating the area of pain.

N Schauer

I had my first non mainstream medical (non allopathic) experience with Magnus some years back when I, at two occasions had a totally blocked back, a very painful and totally disabilitating condition…..and Magnus brought me back on my feet again with his state of the art non invasive methods….it was extremely impressive to experience his magical touch….another thing that impresses me with Magnus is his attitude….if he can’t deal with a particular condition he doesn’t hesitate to tell you so and recommend what direction to take… I have also recommended Magnus to friends of mine with various musculoskeletal conditions who treated them with great success.

P Sjoberg

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